From Our Director

Hello and welcome to our 9th year of AST summer camp! 


This year’s theme is  Ninja Academy where campers will explore, create, imagine, investigate and learn through discovery. 

Campers will explore their world through the lens of a Ninja while participating in the 8 pillars of training: Strength, Creativity, Communication, Nutrition, Wisdom, Imagination, Innovation and Confidence as they attend the following classes:  PE, Art, English, Cooking, Science, Crafts and Drama/Music. 


 Researchers agree that learning through play is fun, and an intrinsically motivating way to inspire children to develop critical thinking skills. Not only will campers practice reading and writing in English, they will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the language through hands-on activities that reinforce vocabulary and its meaning. Immerse your child in an English language camp for three weeks this summer and watch their language skills soar!


親愛的家長您好,歡迎來到第九屆 AST夏令營!



學生們將通過忍者士的鏡頭探索他們的世界.  他們會在體能,美術,英文,烹飪,自然,手藝及音樂戲劇課堂中參與到八大支柱的訓練: 實力, 創造力, 溝通,營養,智慧,想像力,創新及自信心。






Suzanne Pearson - 2021 AST Summer Camp Director