About Our Camp


AST’s English Immersion Summer Camp is an opportunity for students to be fully engaged in an English speaking environment. In this setting students quickly learn academic English in the classroom and conversational English with their peers.


Immersion allows students to:

*Focus on learning outside of test scores.
*Practice English they have learned in Chinese schools and Cram Schools with guidance from English speaking educators.
*Build confidence in their English abilities as they learn to express themselves in a second language through speaking and writing.

  • 將重心放在學習而非考試成績在專業的師資帶領下

  • 練習平常在學校或補習班所學到但沒機會用到的英文

  • 為他們的英語能力增加信心,讓學生透過英語的說和寫,更有機會表現自己

In this environment students will naturally acquire the English language. It's proven to be the most effective method for learning a second language.


Suzanne Pearson - Camp Director

Suzanne Pearson.jpg

Hello, I am Suzanne Pearson, the AST summer camp director for 2021 Ninja Academy.

I LOVE summer camp!  I was lucky to have attended many camps as a child, and I loved it so much that I worked at camps through my my teens and into my adult life. Camp is a wonderful place to grow, make friends and experience new things.

I am a national board certified math teacher with teaching endorsements in math and science. I spent 11 years teaching math in Washington State, U.S.A, and I am now in my 3rd year of teaching science here at AST. I have a Bachelor's degree in herbal sciences and a Masters in teaching. I was born in Taipei and have always wanted to come back to see where it all started. My husband, son and I moved here in 2018 and we are loving Taiwan!

Ellen Sun - Assistant Camp Director

Ellen Sun.jpg

My name is Ellen Sun and I am the Athletics and Activities coordinator at AST. I spent the lion’s share of my childhood growing up in the USA. During my schooling career I was always a part of school sports teams and clubs and I love working together with others to achieve a common goal. I returned to Taiwan where I completed my degree in translation at the Chang Jung Christian University.

 Since then, I have worked in the education field as a teacher, teaching assistant, and administrator. I am honored to work together with faculty, staff, students and parents to coordinate sporting events, clubs, tournaments and various social events throughout the school year. I am especially looking forward to our upcoming ninja summer camp. I attended several summer camps during my childhood and had so many wonderful memories and fell in love with outdoor activities. Summer is a great time for children to relax, swim, play outside and make new friends.  I am looking forward to sharing new experiences this summer with all of you! We are creating a fun-filled schedule for all of our ninjas this year. We are looking forward to an amazing summer together!

Mishell Lin - Drama / Music Teacher

Mishell Lin.jpg

Hello, everyone! I’m Mishell. I have been working with children from different age groups for about 9 years. After I finished my study in Switzerland, I got the chance to work at Walt Disney World in Florida, U.S.A. I found myself love interacting with children while I was working there. I always like to inspire students through various activities, such as games, singing and creative writing. I’ve been attending different camps since I was a child. I love camps and group activities! This year, I’m excited that we are going to get moving with drama, music and dance!  We will be creating story boards, presenting stories in fun and dynamic ways. In addition to stories, we will also be doing lots of singing and dancing ! Come and get moving with me!

Lily Hsu - Projects / Crafts Teacher

Lily Hsu.jpg

My Name is Lily Hsu and I have been teaching at AST for 15 years. I taught at schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District in California, USA, for 3 years before moving to Taiwan. This is my 5th time teaching summer camp. I was a girl scout when I was a child and I absolutely enjoyed attending summer and winter camps. I love camps because it is a place for kids to have fun while learning and making new friends. I will be teaching in the Ninja Gadget Department crafts class. We will be making origami, clay figures, toys, and more. 

Amber Chin - Cooking Teacher

Amber Chin.JPG

Welcome to 2021 AST summer camp! 

I am Ms. Amber and I will be teaching our campers to cook many delicious dishes and desserts. I am currently in my 4th year at AST as the elementary cooking club teacher and this will be my 5th year at AST summer camp. It is always so wonderful to see children smile as they discover their passion for cooking.

I am looking forward to cooking with our campers this summer!

Godfrey Semwaiko - Art Teacher

Godfrey Semwaiko Photo.JPG

I have worked in AST for three years now, I love to participate in summer camp, as the last summer camp was the best experience. I am a visual artist dealing with paintings, sculptures and digital arts including interactive books, animations, graphic design, and video production. I have worked as a creative producer and graphics designer for nine years at Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC), a government-owned Television in Tanzania, East Africa, My projects as a Children’s Book Illustrator, Designer, and Animator have won recognition from UNESCO, Heinemann-UK, Water Aid project, PACE –TUSK Trust UK (environmental Project), FEMA magazine, Mkuki na Nyota Publishers to mention the few.

James Sims - Science Teacher

James Sims.jpg

My name is James Ian Sims, and I am 26 years old. I graduated from American School in Taichung in 2014 and I graduated from Flagler College in 2018 with a degree in Secondary Social Science Education. My father is from the United States and my mother is from Taiwan. They both teach at Tunghai University. I am currently a Foreign English teacher at Beimen Elementary School in Hsinchu, Taiwan. I love summer camp because it gives students an opportunity to make friends and learn. As a summer camp teacher, it is nice to see new faces every year. I will be teaching Science in this year’s summer camp. Students will learn about how the science topics (such as color and sound) are related to the lives of ninjas.

Jenny Chen - English Teacher

Jenny Chen.JPG

Hello! My name is Jenny Chen and I am a counselor at AST. While this is my first year at AST, I have been in education for over 20 years, working with students of all ages from K-12. A certified teacher, I have not only worked in all divisions of a school, but also established ESL programs, developed curricula, and also summer camp programs. In my years working as an administrator and counselor in schools across Taiwan, I have never stepped away from teaching, especially in English Language Arts ELA. What I enjoy most about my job is the opportunity to work with awesome children ~ to see them grow in language skills, curiosity, knowledge, and maturity. I look forward to having TONS of FUN with you at our AST Summer Camp 2021! 

Christine Lin - Art Teacher


Hello! My name is Christine Lin and I will be teaching Ninja art  this summer camp. Prior to becoming a teacher I was a teacher assistant at AST summer camp in 2012. I had so much fun, I became a summer camp teacher at other camps. This is my 5th year teaching art and my first year teaching at AST. I graduated from AST in 2012 and then attended Virginia Commonwealth University where I studied art education for 4 years.  I stayed in the USA for an additional 4 years working in Fairfax County public schools as an art teacher. Campers will be learning and exploring different media in the art class this summer. I am excited to spark creativity and open your imagination as we explore the world of Ninjas through art!

Yasmin Pakzad-Mayer - P.E. Teacher


Hi, I am Yasmin and I am excited to be part of this year's summer camp. I am originally from Germany and did my bachelor and master's degree at the Prime Sports University of Cologne. After receiving my educational degree in Sports and English, I came to Taiwan.  In 2019 I received my PhD from the National Sports University in Linkou and since 2018 I have been working at AST teaching PE in all grades. I love to encourage kids to get physically active in a safe environment and I am very passionate about this year's "Ninja" motto since I have been training martial arts for more than 20 years. Let's get active together and have fun!